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Wiltshire bacon, the best way to cook bacon is to fry the rashers Prawns and Scallops wrapped in our tasty streaky bacon Mouth watering Bacon Carbonara, made with our Wiltshire Bacon Succulent Pigs in Blankets, made with our Wiltshire Bacon and pork sausages The ultimate Black Pudding. Delicious and nutritious for breakfast
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100% British Bacon produced from 100% British Pigs

Here at the Wiltshire Bacon Company we sell the highest quality bacon. Using our happy British outdoor-reared pigs we dry cure our bacon with the finest ingredients using our own cures with no water or chemicals added. So you can be assured you are buying the best 100% British outdoor-reared bacon.  

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Welcome to the Wiltshire Bacon Company

Our multi-award winning outdoor-reared 100% British Bacon is available to buy online. We produce a range of delicious dry cured bacon,gammon,bacon and pork joints using traditional butchery skills and our own cures that we have perfected over time.

We have won numerous awards from the time we started right up to today         

Gold for our Dry Cured Rindless Back and Gold for our Naturally Smoked Rindless Back-beautifully smoked over oak chips.

Its time to get ready for Christmas so start shopping now and we will deliver to your door before our delivery service gets too busy!  




Unsmoked Gammon Steaks. Per Slice: 283 - 340g (10 - 12oz)
Unsmoked gammon slipper joint. Trimmed and netted ready to cook. Serves 4 - 6 people
Smoked horseshoe gammon joint. Ready to roast. Serves 10 - 12 people
Unsmoked gammon slipper joint. Trimmed and netted ready to cook. Serves 2 - 4 people
Unsmoked streaky back bacon with the rind on. Approx. 12-14 rashers
Lean unsmoked rindless back bacon. Approx. 10-12 rashers

Barbecue Pork Ribs- A recipe that is simple and easy to create and cook any time of the year.They can be cooked in the oven,grill or the barbecue.

So simple and easy-Cooked ham hock slowly cooked in cola.The sweetness of the cola and honey combined with ham is truly amazing.

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