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Our Piggies

pigletsWe source all of our pork from around the South West UK region. We only use 100% British outdoor reared pigs, cared for to the highest level of animal welfare.

Traceability is of upmost importance, in fact it's one of the key reasons we started to cure our own bacon.

British Outdoor-Reared Pork

Tired of all the foreign substitutes and imported pork that is cured in the UK that can be somehow claimed to be British Bacon(?!) here at the Wiltshire Bacon Company we can trace every product we produce right back to the farm - look at the label.

We work closely with our farmers,the hauliers and the people that work in the lairage ensuring our pigs are cared for to the highest standards.

Every farmer has an ID mark on their pigs, every processing facility in the food chain has an ID mark and as curers we have an ID mark as well to ensure our product can be traced.

On each of our product labels is a batch code, the farmers name and ID mark linking it back to our data giving our customers a 100% British guarantee.





It's a classic,boiled bacon.Easy prepare and cook,even better left until the next day for the sandwiches.

A recipe certain to impress all the family using delicious streaky bacon to create a cornbread with a twist.

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