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Spicy Bacon and Sausage Rolls


This recipe puts quite a twist on the traditional hot dog on which it is based. A world away from the “normal” hot dog, we combine our finest pork sausages and bacon from happy pigs then give some extra kicks of flavour to create a delicacy.

We’ve written our recipe to create six delicious rolls.


Step 1

If you wish, begin by slightly heating the rolls ready for serving.

Step 2

Prepare the onion by chopping it into slices or rings to your taste. Likewise, cut the jalapeño peppers into thin strips along the length, removing seeds as you go.

Step 3

Wrap a rasher of bacon around each sausage. Unlike many supermarket equivalents, our high-quality bacon isn’t watered down so it won’t shrink when cooked – so ensure it’s wrapped tightly!

Step 4

Fry the onions and peppers (separate from each other) in a large pan at a medium temperature until the onions begin to brown. In a separate pan, meanwhile, cook the sausages, turning occasionally for an even, brown crisp on the bacon. Both onions and peppers, and bacon and sausage, should take just over ten minutes to cook.

Step 5

Place the sausage and bacon in a crusty roll and add onion and/or jalapeño strips. For even more flavour, add condiments to your roll.

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