Bacon Sausage and Black Pudding Rice

What could be better than a recipe that combines three of our delicious products, black pudding, streaky bacon and delicious pork sausages? Although a simple dish to prepare, the combination of these three tastes delivers an end result that is truly exquisite.

Ingredients for Bacon Sausage and Black Pudding Rice:

Two tablespoons olive oil
A large onion
250g of our outdoor-reared pork sausages
Salt and pepper
250g of Wiltshire Bacon’s outdoor-reared unsmoked streaky bacon
Up to 500g long-grain rice (basmati is best for this dish)
250g of Wiltshire Bacon’s nutritious black pudding

This mouth-watering dish should take less than an hour to prepare and cook and will comfortably serve four people.

Step 1
Set the rice to boil.

Step 2
Chop the onion into fine pieces and cut up the pork sausages. Either cut or crumble the black pudding and dice the streaky bacon.

Step 3
Lightly fry the streaky bacon (our bacon won’t shrink in the pan because we don’t add water or colourings) so that it starts to crisp up then add onion. Once golden, add the sausage and black pudding to the pan and increase the temperature. Take care not to allow the onion to burn!

Step 4
When the black pudding and sausage also begin to crisp, add the cooked rice and mix the ingredients together. Serve straight away with a pinch of salt and a dusting of pepper.