Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar

Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar. Simplicity often produces some of the best recipes-this is one that has to be tried. This particular delight uses our smoked streaky bacon from British outdoor-reared pigs alongside fresh chives and topped with a good cheddar cheese.


4 good sized baking potatoes
bunch fresh chives
125g butter
a small tub of sour cream
4 spring onions
350g beautiful smoked streaky bacon (unlike most supermarket bacon, Wiltshire Bacon’s isn’t watered down so it won’t shrink much when cooked)
150g Cheddar cheese-grated
black pepper

Step 1
Prepare your ingredients. Chop the spring onions and chives. Set some of the chopped chives to one side to use on top of the potato. Wash the potatoes and wrap in foil.
Grill the bacon till golden and crispy-allow to cool.

Step 2
Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F or Gas Mark 4). Place the potatoes on a tray in the oven and cook for around 1 hr until soft.

Step 3
Take each potato and slice about a third off the top like a hat. Scoop out all the remaining potato from the skin into a bowl. Save the skins to one side.

Step 4
Add to the bowl with the potato the chopped chives, spring onion, butter, sour cream and a good pinch of black pepper. Chop the crispy bacon and add to the bowl. Now mix all together.

Step 5
Finally, spoon the potato mix back into the skins and sprinkle with grated cheddar. Add the rest of the chives to the top of the cheese, put the hats back on and place into the oven for around 15 minutes at 150ºC then serve and enjoy.