Fried Bacon with Sprouts

Fried Bacon with Sprouts is a very quick and easy dish and will add to any great menu. Streaky bacon or bacon misshapes from our outdoor-reared pigs are sure to impress with their varied textures and striking taste. Serve as vegetable side dish with a difference.

This recipe will feed approximately 4 people.


200g streaky bacon or Bacon Misshapes
knob of unsalted butter
500g sprouts-big ones are best
pinch of pepper to season.

Step 1
Slice and fry the mouth-watering Wiltshire Bacon streaky bacon at a medium heat so it becomes golden. Set to one side.

Step 2
Remove the outer leaf of the sprouts and any stalks. Take a small slice off the top, turn the sprout with the stork pointing to the ceiling, the little flat top will keep the sprout steady as you slice downwards as thin as possible the length of the sprout-sounds technical but its the easiest and best way!

Step 3
Heat the butter in the frying pan, add all of the sliced sprouts, tops as well, fry until the sprouts just start to soften and turn golden.

Step 4
Add your bacon now, mix all together, a pinch of pepper and serve.

Top tip: save time by pre-slicing your sprouts and bacon misshapes and store in separate bowls in the refrigerator a few hours before dinner.