Gammon Hock slowly cooked in Cola

Using our Gammon Hock joint, this simple recipe makes a wonderful meal from this very versatile joint. Just add all the ingredients and leave to cook, great if you are busy or out for the day to come home to this hearty dish. We recommend using a slow cooker for the simplicity-if you don’t have one then place in a large casserole dish with a lid.

Preparation Time:5 minutes – Cooking Time:4 hours in a slow cooker or 3 hours 30 in the oven

Gammon in Cola Ingredients

2 Wiltshire Gammon Hocks-either the Naturally smoked or unsmoked
Medium bottle Cola-full fat variety
10 shallots-skin and cut in half
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 tbsp honey
2 bay leaves
1 whole orange-cut into 4

Step 1
Place the hock into the slow cooker.

Step 2
Add all the ingredients into the pot and then fill the pot with the cola until the joints are covered.

Step 3
Switch to low on the slow cooker for approximately 4 hours or place in the oven on a low heat for around 3.5 hours. When cooked correctly take two forks and the meat will flake apart.

Step 4
Remove as much of the meat from the bone as possible, discarding any fatty or gristly bits, and then use the two forks to pull it apart into small bite-sized pieces. Time to serve-mashed potato & green beans-wonderful.
Or, allow to cool completely, then store in the fridge and use within a couple of days.