How To Make A Bacon Sandwich – Option 2

It goes without saying – maybe we are biased – that the secret to making the best bacon sandwich is in the bacon and in particular Wiltshire Dry Cured Bacon. But don’t forget the bread and what’s on it. With all the websites and blogs on The Bacon Sandwich remember it’s all very much about personal taste. So it seems only right for us to write about what our customers tell us and you can make up your own mind.

So its Option 2 or ‘Sandwich Two’. Very similar to one -with a twist.

Ingredients per bacon sandwich:

3 rashers unsmoked Wiltshire Dry Cure Bacon Streaky
2 slices white thick cut bread-the type sold for an amazing price in all food retailers.

Put the grill on to about 3/4 power. Line the grill pan with tin foil. This is important as you will see shortly.
Place our British dry cure streaky bacon on the rack and place under the grill. Nothing too exciting for 2 minutes but then its time to keep watch. What you are looking for is the fat on the outer edge of the bacon just starting to turn golden brown – that’s ‘just’ and not completely.

Take out the grill pan and turn the bacon over.  Again watch at all times its only about three minutes. Allow the bacon fat to turn golden brown and almost crispy. If you keep to this method the bacon itself will retain its moisture and have a slight shine.

Take the grill pan out now and put the bacon to one side with some tongs. Then lift up the grill rack and put both pieces of the bread into the tin foil to take up any of the fat that has cooked out.  And now for the little twist….
Place the bread on the grill pan-fat side up.  Grill lightly to get a slightly crispy & golden brown effect. It only takes a couple of minutes and only on the one side. Assemble now with the non-grilled side out, grilled side in. Enjoy!

Bacon Sandwich Cooking Tips

So along the way, there were a few points to explain:
We have changed the back bacon in Sandwich One to streaky bacon as it carries more fat.  We need it to generate the superb golden crispy finish to the bread.

‘Line the pan with tin foil’. Not only does this save on washing the grill pan but it provides a good surface to reflect heat and catch all the important fat (and yes we know its actually aluminium foil and not tin).

‘2 slices white thick cut bread’.  The flavour is in the bacon and doesn’t need to be overpowered by stronger tasting bread – don’t forget its all personal taste.
‘Allow the bacon fat to turn golden brown – almost crispy’.  Don’t be tempted to overcook the bacon, it has taken us a long time to get the taste right!

‘Put both pieces of the bread into the tin foil to take up any fat that has cooked out’.  Not sure if it is correct to recommend this as the advice on fat changes daily, but this adds amazing flavour to the bread. And of course by using the Wiltshire Dry Cure streaky Bacon it is only fat at the bottom of the pan and not horrible white watery fluid.

Got a variation on making a bacon sandwich?
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