Pigs in blankets, black pudding style  

Pigs in Blankets – With black pudding being described as a Superfood and our sausages containing over 85% prime pork, this seasonal treat can be used to provide an alternative snack for all the family at any time of the year.

All you need is 1 pack of Wiltshire Bacon Streaky Bacon, 200g of Black Pudding Ring and 6  Thick Pork Sausages.

Remove the skin from the black pudding and trim off each end. Cut the black pudding roll in half and then cutting vertically down the sausage, make 6 strips from each half so that you end up with 12 strips of black pudding.

Cut your sausages in half and then slit down them so that each half opens out.

Insert a piece of black pudding into each piece of sausage, like you are making a sandwich, and then close up so that you end up with the black pudding in the middle of the Sausage meat.  Roll back it into shape so that it looks like a small sausage. Take a rasher of bacon and wrap it around the sausage to create your Pigs in Blankets.

Optional: dribble some honey around the outside to glaze.

Cook in a hot oven for approx. 10 minutes until the middle is cooked and the outside is crisp on all sides, turning occasionally to avoid burning.