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Wiltshire Pork Sausages

As soon as you bite into one of Wiltshire Bacon Co’s sausages you will instantly recognise the difference from most other products you have tried.

Not only are all our products made from  100% British Outdoor Reared Pork and seasoned with the best local produce available from the Wiltshire Countryside, we use a natural casing which means that it is not artificially manufactured. You will also find that this means no two sausages are the same shape or size!

All our sausages are made from primal cuts of lean shoulder pork with at least 85% pork meat content. We do not use any fat, skin or meat from other areas of the pig that can be dry and less appetising.

Finally, but most importantly to the overall flavour is the seasoning. Black Pepper, Mace and Coriander each play a big role in the taste of our produce, but it is important that in order to get the true flavour we only use the very freshest ingredients.

Try our delicious range of sausages today.

If you’re a cheese lover try our meaty pork, stilton & apricot flavour. If you’re a hot food lover, add some spice to your life with our chilli flavour which include fresh chillies and Cajun spices.


Buy Sausages From Wiltshire Bacon

Wiltshire Bacon Co only make proper, artisan sausages that are carefully seasoned and handmade with only the finest local ingredients. Thick or thin, our sausages are crafted from outdoor reared pork and are a world away from the fatty bangers to which most of us are accustomed. When you buy from most retail outlets, their sausages have been produced in a collagen casing. Whilst this is a manufactured artificial product, it is a totally edible casing introduced in the 20th century to help larger suppliers maintain a consistent shape and size to their product. However, when you cook them, the casings will go crisp giving your first bite more crunch.

The element of pork that is used is also key – we make sure to use only prime cuts of lean shoulder pork-85% pork content, no added fat, skin or pork from the rest of the pig that can be dry and less appetising, which is often the case of most retailers.

Most importantly to adding the overall flavour is the seasoning. Our spices play a big role in the flavouring, but it is important that in order to get the true flavour you use fresh. This is why we grind our freshly sourced spices at the time of preparation, giving you the intensity of the flavour as they still have natural oils in them.

Our various flavours of are produced with the further addition of fresh- leeks, spring onions, ginger and chillies all of which are used during the making of our range of flavours, such as; Cumberland Sausages, Apple & Leek, Chilli Sausages, Pork & Chive and Ginger & Spring Onion Sausages to name a few.

The beauty is that they are still made the old-fashioned way, by hand, using traditional methods by professionals who are skilled at their trade and take care and pay attention to detail, instead of fully automated lines operated by a single button.

Buy online today from Wiltshire Bacon Co and have the best sausages delivered in temperature controlled boxes direct to your door.