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Cumberland Sausages


Our Cumberland Sausages are made using the primal cuts of Pork from Outdoor Reared British Pigs.  Cumberland Sausages are made with a coarser chopped Pork and a mixture of five spices and freshly ground seasonings to deliver a spicy, Peppery Taste.

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Our Cumberland Sausages offer a very distinctive flavour.

The Cumberland Sausage is blended with a mixture of five spices and freshly ground seasonings so they deliver a spicy, peppery  taste. We use fresh peppercorns ground at the time of use to ensure that the oil is retained. This is what gives you the kick in every bite ensuring that each Sausage gives you the very best in quality and flavour.

In addition to the above, Cumberland Sausages are made with a coarser chopped Pork. Here at Wiltshire Bacon we only use primal cuts of Pork. This is essential in avoiding dry sausages that don’t deliver on the flavour of the meat. All of our sausages are produced using only outdoor reared British pigs.

Furthermore, the traditional element includes the way in which we make them. We have a team of Butchers who make them by hand. The result is that every Sausages may vary in shape and size. The one thing you can be guaranteed of with our plump, healthy looking sausage is a great meaty flavour. Undoubtedly our sausages are guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. Particularly popular in recipes, click here for ideas.

All our products are delivered in temperature controlled packaging. This allows for you to freeze them upon receipt.

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