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Free Range Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Back Bacon


Unsmoked Back Bacon with the rind on, produced from Berkshire outdoor reared pigs

1 kilo pack sizes



Our Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Back Bacon is from Free-range British pigs. Our Bacon is beautifully dry cured giving you a deliciously full flavour.

Berkshire pigs are a rare breed of pig originating from the English County of Berkshire. The free-range pigs roam throughout the day searching for shoots, roots and anything tasty to eat, it is nature at its best, producing the finest pork.

Let’s make no mistake-the bacon produced form these pigs is very different.It does carry a good covering of fat. Whether we should eat fat or not is always up for debate, but it produces fantastic bacon full of flavour from these breeds as it did many years ago.

With the rind kept on, the best way to cook our Free Range Berkshire Unsmoked Rind-On Bacon is to fry in a little oil until the rind is crispy.  Serve immediately. Alternatively, you can fry or grill each rasher and leave to cool before chopping into bite-size pieces and adding to your favourite recipes.

Size: 1 kilo pack
Curing: Unsmoked
Thickness: Approximately 4mm
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Heavily marbled-Good levels of fat


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