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Free Range Boneless Pork Loin Joint


Fresh boneless, rind on, rolled and scored loin of pork ready to roast.

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Beautiful Boneless Pork Loin Joint is produced from 100% Free-Range pigs. Delivered with the rind on to give you a crispy crackling. Because the rind allows for the Pork to be sealed, above all, this allows the moisture to be maintained in the meat throughout the cooking. The result is a tasty, tender loin of Pork.
Finally, to allow the rind to make the best crackling, each joint is trimmed, tied and scored well.

Your Joint is delivered perfectly butchered therefore ready to roast straightaway. Remove the packaging and place straight in the oven.

Available in various weights.

Most noteworthy, to get great Crackling, try our recipe for the Roast Pork Loin.

1 review for Free Range Boneless Pork Loin Joint

  1. John Gorrod (verified owner)

    I have always been fussy about the meat I buy but The large pork loin joint from the Wiltshire Bacon Company was simply the best pork I have tasted in years. The crackling was the icing on the cake and whilst I do much of the cooking at home my wife is the queen of Sunday Roasts. She really excelled with this meal but even she cannot claim all the credit as the pork was tender and so flavoursome. I will be buying again.

    • Wiltshire Bacon Co.

      Thanks for the great feedback!
      …..and credit to the cook of course 🙂

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