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Free Range Collar Bacon Joint


Unsmoked Bacon Collar Joint.
New sizes available – 2kg-2.5kg/4kg-4.5kg

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The Free Range Collar Bacon Joint is cut from the shoulder of the pig. It used to be very popular in your local butcher shop but these days they are hard to come by. However, they continue to prove to be one of our best sellers.

This area of the pig creates excellent joints of pork for roasting and boiling, making them very tender and juicy.  Collar Joints are beautifully marbled with fat which results in the most amazing taste. Best served hot and whole, they make a great alternative for a Sunday roast.

We like to think the way we look after our British outdoor-reared pigs, with plenty of fresh air, makes them taste even better. This combined with our traditional curing process, which uses no chemicals or colourings, create a delicious end product. Also available in smoked, we use oak chips and a long smoking process to give the meat the best possible flavour.

Recipes for the Free Range Collar Bacon Joint are endless so check out our pork recipes or email us if you would like to add yours!

All our products are delivered to you fresh in temperature controlled boxes. You can freeze on the day of receipt unless otherwise stated.

Curing: Unsmoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Plenty of marbling

2 reviews for Free Range Collar Bacon Joint

  1. Tania Bigby (verified owner)

    I had an unsmoked collar of bacon for a change from gammon at Christmas, I cooked it in Henneys cider with water and vegs in a stock pot. It was delicious. Not salty at all and tasted fabulous. Will definitely buy again soon.

    • Wiltshire Bacon Co.

      Thanks for the feedback Tania,good to see you enjoyed the collar.
      regards Wiltshire Bacon Co

  2. ELIZABETH GREEN SUNDERLAND (verified owner)

    Bought a collar bacon joint from Wiltshire bacon co. Absolutely beautiful can’t wait to buy another one when back in stock highly recommended.liz green

    • Wiltshire Bacon Co.

      Many thanks Liz, good to see you are happy with the collar

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