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Free Range Half Horseshoe Gammon Joint


Half Horseshoe Gammon Joint.
Ready to Roast.

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Our Free Range Half Horseshoe Gammon Joint gets its name from the horseshoe shape of this joint. It is a prime rind-on gammon taken from the centre of the leg.  Our butchers remove the bone and trim prior to curing in our traditional way. We dry cure all our pork by massaging the curing salts into it. The aim is that the salt pulls out some of the moisture allowing some of the salt to move in. This doesn’t happen over-night but approximately over 21 days.    The outcome is that this leaves the right amount of moisture and the right amount of salt in the pork to develop the exquisite characteristic flavours. This produces a superb flavour gammon with a great texture, making it easy to carve hot or cold.

The Free Range Half Horseshoe Gammon Joint is beautifully tender and full of flavour. Perfect if you are entertaining. We recommend you serve up thick gammon steaks with a rich sauce. Something a little fruity made with plenty of wine would go perfectly. Ideal for a main course with a bit of a difference.

Also available in smoked, and if you are entertaining and want a large joint you can also purchase it as a Whole Unsmoked Horseshoe Gammon Joint.

Rind: Rind On
Weight: 2-2.25kilos


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