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Free Range Smoked Fore-End Bacon Joint


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This succulent boneless fore-end joint of pork makes an ideal mid-week supper with plenty left over for sandwiches.

The joint comes from the lower part of the shoulder of the pig where there is plenty of muscle. It may also run into the first part of the front leg.  We will prepare the joint by trimming and curing it, affording you an excellent bacon product. It gives plenty of flavour because of the fat layered between the muscles. Compared to the collar it is slightly leaner, but just as tasty.

Free Range pork is cured using traditional techniques which takes 21 days. It is then smoked slowly over oak chips using no colourings, chemicals or tasters.

Ready to cook and perfect for roasting to provide incredible crackling. We do not recommend that you soak the joint before you cook it. Follow our recipe for the perfect way to cook your Smoked Fore-End Bacon Joint.

Also ideal served cold and sliced for tasty sandwiches. Due to demand, this is now available online as a larger 4 kilo joint so that it suitable for catering for big parties. Hard to find in the Butchers anymore, next to the collar, this is proving to be one of our most popular online joints.

Curing: Smoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Plenty of marbling


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