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Free Range Smoked Oyster Gammon


Smoked Gammon Oyster Joint – 1.1kg-1.4kg

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The Free Range Smoked Oyster Gammon Joint is a beautifully succulent cut of Pork. Equivalent to the rump in beef it is prepared with the fat and rind left on.   As a result it is fabulously juicy and tastes amazing. It has a characteristic shape which means that it is very easy to carve either hot or cold.

Free Range Oyster Gammon Joints can be roasted or boiled, depending on the size of your joint, and your occasion. Click for further details on how to cook the perfect Oyster Joint.

All Wiltshire Bacon Gammon joints are from outdoor reared British Pigs. We cure the gammon in the same way as we do our bacon. We do not use any colouring, chemicals or water in our process. Only age old traditional techniques whereby salts are massaged into the pork. It then goes through a 14 hour natural smoking process so no taste enhancers, colourings or chemicals are used in the process.

You do not need to soak your joint before you use it. Boil your Free Range Smoked Oyster Gammon Joint first, and then flash roast with a fabulously sticky glaze.  Try our recipe for roast gammon with orange glaze using chilli, ginger and orange.

All our Pork is from British Outdoor Reared Pigs.

Weight: 1.1-1.4kg

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