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Free Range Tamworth Unsmoked Streaky Bacon


Unsmoked Streaky Back Bacon produced from Tamworth outdoor reared pigs – Available in 1 kilo packs.



Free Range Tamworth Unsmoked Streaky Bacon.  The Tamworth Pig is prized for producing the very best of bacon.   We often refer to this one as the ‘ginger pig’.  Furthermore, considered as one of Britain’s oldest breeds, it has a lean look about it.  Most noteworthy are its long snout and long legs making them excellent rotavators’.

A hardy pig that lives outdoors all year round, certainly active and inquisitive.  They are great escape artists as well which keeps the farmers busy with the fencing!

Now considered as a vulnerable breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

No colouring, water or chemicals are added to our bacon so you are enjoying the taste of the Pork.  We slice and pack all our streaky bacon on site and deliver in chilled temperature controlled boxes for you to enjoy.

The kilo pack is ideal for freezing so that you always have bacon on hand.   All our products are suitable for home freezing so you can pull out bacon at any stage and defrost in a few hours. Try our recipes for some great meal ideas using Free Range Tamworth Unsmoked Streaky Bacon.

Size: 1 kilo packs
Curing: Unsmoked
Thickness: Approximately 4mm
Rind: Rindless
Fat: A good level of Marbling


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