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Free Range Unsmoked Bacon Fore End Joint


Bacon Fore End Joint – 2-2.5kg/4-4.5kg

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The Free Range Unsmoked Bacon Fore End Joint is a boneless joint of meat delivered with the rind on.

Fore end joints of bacon are from the lower part of pigs shoulder, including the first part of the front leg. In fact all bacon joints are from the front end of the pig. This means they carry more marbled fat between the muscles. Specifically the fat means that you get a much tastier and tender cut of meat.

As a result the Free Range Unsmoked Bacon Fore End Joint is ideal to roast. Regardless of what size bacon joint you choose, if prepared correctly you’ll end up with a lovely crackling. We pride ourselves on the fact that no colouring, water or chemicals are added to our any of our pork products. Because of this you can be assured of a great flavour without compromise.

It is really important to note that we source all our pork from our British outdoor reared pigs. Everything is prepared by our expert butchers and delivered to you in a chilled box. This product is suitable for freezing on day of delivery.

A Free Range Smoked Bacon Fore End Joint is also available.

Curing: Unsmoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Plenty of marbling


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