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Free Range Unsmoked Rind-On Bacon


Unsmoked Wiltshire back bacon with the rind on.

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Our Free Range Unsmoked Rind-On Bacon comes from the loin of British outdoor reared pigs. It is beautifully cured giving you a deliciously intense flavour of the pork.

We dry cure all our bacon by taking our British pork and massage the curing salts into it.  Firstly the salt pulls some of the moisture out to allow for some of the salt  to move in. This doesn’t happen over-night but approximately over 21 days. The outcome is that this leaves the right amount of moisture and the right amount of salt in the pork to develop the exquisite characteristic flavours. Most notably, unlike most supermarket bacons, our rashers will not shrink in the pan.

With the rind on fry in a little oil until the rind is crispy and then serve immediately.  Free Range Unsmoked Rind-On Bacon is great served with your cooked breakfast.

Alternatively, you can fry or grill each rasher and leave to cool before chopping into bite-size pieces and adding to your favourite recipes.

All our products leave us in temperature controlled boxes so that they arrive with you in excellent condition. You can freeze our products on the day of receipt.

Size: 240g – 1 kilo pack
Curing: Unsmoked
Thickness: Approximately 4mm
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Lean


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