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Free Range Wiltshire Bacon Misshape


1kg Mixed Bacon Misshapes.

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Free Range Wiltshire Bacon Misshapes are beautifully cured giving you deliciously full flavours.   The kilo size packs contains a variety of Smoked and Unsmoked bacon cuts.  There is a mixture of bacon types and shapes in every pack to maximise on taste.

Our Free Range Wiltshire Bacon Misshapes are cut from the same British outdoor reared Pigs that we use for all our Pork products. Traditionally dry cured for 21 days, we do not use any colouring, chemicals or water in the production of our bacon.   This means there is no waste, you can use the whole pack when cooking.

Therefore when cooking quiches, soups and pastas it delivers on flavours that will make your mouth water.   Furthermore, the pack will contain an element of fat content so that you get the benefit in your cooking.  However the ratio is much smaller than the average pack you would buy from the supermarket.

Other recipe ideas for our mis-shapes include Bacon & Sprouts or Bacon and Cod Chowder?

Multi order packs so that you always have some on hand. Suitable for freezing on day of receipt.
Finally, share your tips and ideas for how to use our Misshapes and we will be pleased to post any new recipe ideas on our website.


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