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Gammon Steaks


Unsmoked Gammon Steaks – 283g-340g

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Our Gammon Steaks  are dry cured using our own traditional methods. They are wonderfully meaty because we don’t add water or chemicals to our outdoor-reared pork so they are also full of flavour (and won’t shrivel up when you cook them).

Our gammon is trimmed by in our in house butchers. We slice to a standard weight and thickness you would normally expect from your gammon steak. Fry them quickly on the hob or, for a healthier option that’s just as delicious, cook under the grill or on the barbecue. Try glazing with a sticky honey and mustard sauce for a great quick but mouth-watering meal.

Also available as smoked gammon steaks.

Curing: Unsmoked
Rind: Rind On
Fat: Lean


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