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Pork Sausages


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Pork Sausages available in two thicknesses.

As soon as you bite into one of our Sausages you will instantly recognise the difference in taste and texture.    All our Sausages made from British Outdoor Reared Pork, using only the best part of the Pig.   We also use freshly ground seasoning to enhance the flavours.

Our sausages are encased in a natural casing which means that is not artificially manufactured   This gives the sausage a whole different texture, and is much more appetising to the palette.

You will also find that this means no two sausages are the same shape or size!  This is because they are hand made by a team of butchers, as opposed to Robots!

Our traditional Sausages are made from the primal cuts of lean shoulder of Pork.   We offer them in two sizes.   The thick sausages are great for the hearty meat eater whilst the thin sausages are perfect for your Toad in the Hole recipe, or feeding the children.

All our products are delivered in temperature controlled packaging.  Therefore you can put them straight in the freezer on day of delivery so you always have a supply on hand.

Read our testimonials on our sausages and see for yourself how great they are!


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