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Shoulder of Pork


Number One for flavour, juiciness and tenderness.

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British Pork Shoulder Joint ready to roast. Just remove the packaging and place straight in the oven ready for a delicious Sunday Roast.

Simply is one of the most tastiest Joints,made up of layers of muscle and fat evenly throughout.

During cooking the fat bastes the meat producing outstanding Pork Roast full of flavour.

British Pork Shoulder joints have become very popular to cook for Pulled Pork,a firm family favourite.

Delivered trimmed with the bone removed therefore making the joint easy to carve. We also score the rind on your behalf so that you can benefit from the great crackling this joint will produce.

Roast just like the loin of pork recipe or as an alternative why not follow the recipe for the cooked bacon fore end joint and cook in the slow cooker.

Rind: Rind On


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