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Smoked Streaky Bacon

As a nation, we British love our bacon so here at The Wiltshire Bacon Company we take bacon very seriously indeed. Our rashers have absolutely nothing in common with the bacon you find so often in supermarkets, which is filled with additives, flavourings and water retainers and shrivels to nothing in the frying pan.

Streaky bacon is cut from the belly of pork, which is why it's fattier than back bacon and those layers of fat give it an incredible flavour. Once we've got the cuts, we trim them well and dry-cure them by hand over 21 days.

Then we smoke over oak chips for 14hrs-a slow process to develop those recognizable flavours.No chemicals or colourings are used.

We know the way we treat our happy pigs make all the difference to the flavour and the quality of our bacon too. Our pigs are outdoor-reared with plenty of fresh air and a good diet. We keep a close eye on them to make sure they have a good life because we think that's not only best for our products but the right thing to do too.

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Smoked streaky back bacon with the rind on. Approx. 12-14 rashers
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