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The Rind On Revolution

The Rind on Revolution: Over the last few years, we have seen a large increase in the demand for Rind On Bacon. Whilst it is possibly due to personal preference I guess much has to be attributed to the increasing amount of people that are becoming interested in cooking and where the food actually comes from-true foodies!

Equally, as the large stores give more space to ready meals as we all lead busy lives it is also noticeable when we do find the time it’s good to cook.
Rindless bacon-the vast majority of bacon sold on the high street is actually rindless. Great for the bacon sandwich with the rind already removed, terrines and pasta dishes.
So, with the rind: yes it is the pig’s skin left on, curls amazingly during cooking.

One of our customers described Rind On Bacon: ‘its more natural -I see it like an orange; a tough outer skin that is full of flavour’
Has it  Extra flavour-yes. Extra fat-yes. Extra crisp – yes. It’s probably these reasons we are seeing a ‘Rind On Revolution!’.

Give it a try, available:

Smoked Rind on Back
Unsmoked Rind on Back
Oak Smoked streaky and
unsmoked streaky