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What are Bacon Joints

Ever wondered what the difference between a collar bacon joint and a fore end bacon joint?
Well, first of all, bacon joints are a great alternative to gammon joints. Bacon joints are from the front end of the pig and carry more marbled fat which is in between the muscles or ‘intramuscular’ to get technical. This produces tender, moist joints, full of flavour. Easy to cook bacon joints, no need to pre-soak and can be frozen if you wish.

What are Collar Bacon Joints?
Collar bacon joints are from the top of the shoulder or neck and made up of many muscles, plenty of marbling and certainly plenty of flavours.

What are Fore End Bacon Joints?
Fore end bacon joints are from the lower part of the shoulder of the pig including the first part of the front leg. Sometimes referred to as the cheap end although we don’t know why as after we have trimmed and cured this is an excellent bacon product, slightly leaner than the collar but equally full of flavour.

Where to Buy Bacon Joints?
You can buy two types of bacon joints online from us, the Wiltshire Bacon Company. Each bacon joint is produced from our well looked after British outdoor-reared pigs. You can choose smoked or unsmoked from our popular Collar Bacon Joints and our leaner Fore End Bacon Joints.