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Why is Wiltshire Dry Cured Smoked Bacon different?

We are asked this question quite often and we’re more than happy to explain the difference between our Wiltshire dry cured smoked bacon compared to others.  Our bacon is dry cured and then Naturally Oak Smoked.
What’s the difference between Naturally Oak Smoked Dry Cured Wiltshire Bacon and commercially smoked bacon?
Essentially we are smoking bacon today to produce the characteristic flavours we like to enjoy. It is actually one of the oldest food preservation methods.

This is achieved in various ways:

Wiltshire Dry Cured Smoked Bacon
We take our dry cured bacon that we have taken many weeks to cure and hang it up on rails in the smoker. We build a mound of oak sawdust at the bottom of the smoker and add a light. The sawdust is left to smoulder, smoke rises and surrounds the bacon. After 14-16 hours we have our smoked bacon.
Simple.No added chemicals.No added colouring.

Commercial smoking methods.
There are quite a few methods but they all produce smoked bacon extremely quickly.
Atomiser-this machine is based on a principle of a smoke flavoured liquid dropping onto a rapidly spinning disc in a chamber-the liquid form to a mist and colours and flavours the bacon.
Dyes-similar additives but the colourings and flavouring are added to the bacon as it is immersed briefly in the vat. Or the additives are ‘painted’ onto the bacon.
Friction burners-whilst this system doesn’t use added chemicals it produces an even colour as the wood is burnt by a friction burner, it’s taste is more acidic and no time allowed for the natural flavours to develop as it is extremely fast.

So although our system is incredibly slow we produce our bacon that actually tastes very different, naturally smoked and is free from any added colourings.