Why we think our Sausages are special at Wiltshire Bacon

As soon as you bite into one of our Sausages you will instantly recognise the difference from most sausages you are likely to have eaten.

All our products made from British Outdoor Reared Pork. Our Sausages are made from primal cuts of lean shoulder pork with 100% pork meat, not fat, skin or meat from other areas of the pig that can be dry and less appetising. Furthermore when we make our sausages, we use a natural casing which means it is not artificially manufactured.

By comparison when you buy a sausage from most retail outlets they have been produced, in what is known in the industry, as a collagen casing. Whilst this is totally edible, it is a manufactured artificial product so possibly less palatable. This alternative casing was introduced in the 20th century to help larger suppliers produce the perfect product both in shape and size.

Most noteworthy is the seasoning we use to achieve the overall flavour. Black Pepper, Mace and Coriander play a big role in the taste of our sausages, but it is important we only use fresh. This is why we grind freshly sourced peppercorns at the time of preparation, giving you the intensity of the flavour as they will still have their natural oils in them.

Finally, I guess the beauty of our products are that they are still made the old fashioned way, by hand, by traditional sausage makers who are skilled at their trade and make the product with love, instead of by robots pressing buttons on big machines.